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Parliamentary inquiries

Inquiries are an opportunity for the public to have input into issues being considered by Parliament. The inquiry process is managed by a committee and inquiries are referred to a committee through a terms of reference. The work of inquiries facilitates an in-depth investigation of issues to assist with better legislative decisions, direct public input into parliamentary and policy processes, public debate and awareness of issues.

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Current inquiries

Explore a comprehensive list of all inquiries received during the 60th Parliament. Click through to find detailed information about each inquiry, including the terms of reference and the current stage of progress:

Inquiry into the 2021-22 and 2022-23 Financial and Performance Outcomes

Inquiry into workplace drug testing in Victoria

Inquiry into the 2026 Commonwealth Games Bid

Inquiry into the industrial hemp industry in Victoria

Performance of the Victorian integrity agencies 2021/22

Inquiry into the cultural and creative industries in Victoria

Inquiry into the 2023-24 budget estimates

Inquiry into the 2022 Flood Event in Victoria

Inquiry into Local Government funding and services

Inquiry into pig welfare in Victoria

Inquiry into the conduct of the 2022 Victorian state election

Inquiry into employers and contractors who refuse to pay their subcontractors for completed works

Inquiry into the impact of road safety behaviours on vulnerable road users

Inquiry into increasing the number of registered organ and tissue donors

Inquiry into land transfer duty fees

Inquiry into the rental and housing affordability crisis in Victoria

Inquiry into the state education system in Victoria

Inquiry into the Victorian Auditor-General’s reports no. 99: Follow up of Regulating Gambling and Liquor (2019) and no. 213: Reducing the Harm Caused by Gambling (2021)

Inquiry into Victoria's recreational native bird hunting arrangements

Accepting submissions

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Parliamentary committees

Inquiries are conducted by committees.

Committees are appointed at the start of a Parliament and are formed by members from one house or both houses. 

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