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Annabelle Cleeland

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Prior to entering Parliament, Annabelle was a Fairfax Media national agricultural journalist, editor of the Stock & Land, business owner and woolgrower. Annabelle’s career has always, and will continue to be, as a storyteller for regional Victorians.  

Following the birth of her first child, Annabelle resolved to fight for better health outcomes for regional people and became a community adviser at her local hospital. Annabelle saw an opportunity to use her voice to advocate for the issues and values that matter most to her, and to be a representative for the people in her community. Annabelle was inspired by the idea of working to create positive change at a state government level and to help shape the future of this great state, for future generations.

Annabelle is focused on making a meaningful contribution to her community by being a powerful and determined voice in the Legislative Assembly. Additionally, she was motivated by the challenges facing regional communities and the need for strong, visionary leadership. Annabelle believes that her experience and perspective can help bring new ideas and approaches to the table. This is what prompted her to run for Parliament.  

The main passions and priorities Annabelle has as a member of Parliament include focusing on closing the investment disparity in regional Victoria and working towards creating a better future for all. She is deeply committed to promoting equality, justice, and opportunity for all and will use her position to advocate for policies that improve the lives of those she represents.  

Annabelle’s priorities include supporting economic growth and job creation, improving access to quality healthcare, and improving educational outcomes for children in regional Victoria. She is also committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability, as well as working to address social challenges that affect regional communities. Annabelle’s goal is to use her voice to create positive change and make a difference in the lives of those she represents. Annabelle is dedicated to serving her constituents with integrity and transparency, and to being a strong advocate for their interests in Parliament.



  • The Nationals Party Secretary since December 2022

  • Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Health since December 2022

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