Mr Enver Erdogan

Enver Erdogan

Meet Enver

Prior to entering Parliament, Enver worked as lawyer with a social justice and trade union law firm. He also served as a local government councillor.  

Enver believes everyone should receive a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work and in the importance of being active in society, learning about its problems and working on solutions. While working in local government and legal practice, he furthered his understanding of how sound public policy and laws can benefit people and practicing law gave him an appreciation of making a difference to people’s lives one case at a time. This is what prompted him to run for Parliament.

Enver’s priorities and focus are on policies that ensure the community has access to a high-quality education, a safe and easy commute, and fair pay and conditions in the workplace.

Enver believes in a Victoria that is fair, equitable and prosperous — from a world-class capital city, through to the vibrant suburbs and regions.

The areas of public policy that he is most passionate about include economics, manufacturing, industrial relations, law reform, and education. 

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  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Attorney-General since June 2022

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