Ms Juliana Addison

Juliana Addison

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Before entering Parliament, Juliana was a History Teacher at Ballarat Clarendon College and Board Director of Ballarat Health Services. Before teaching, she was an Organiser for the Australian Workers’ Union and a National Industrial Officer for the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union.

Juliana believes that good governments transform communities. What prompted her to run for Parliament was to be a strong advocate for better services and infrastructure in her community of Ballarat.

The priorities Juliana has for her community are great schools, quality healthcare and a strong local economy that supports secure, well-paid jobs. She wants families to be safe at home and for the community to have excellent sporting and cultural facilities that encourage all residents to strive for excellence in whatever field they pursue.

Juliana's vision for Victoria’s future is a stronger, safer and more inclusive state where everyone is welcomed, supported and accepted. She wants Victoria to have fairness and respect at its heart.

The areas of public policy that she is most passionate about are education, health, manufacturing, women and equality, local jobs, and supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

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