The Hon. Nazih Elasmar

Nazih Elasmar

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Before entering Parliament, Nazih worked as an electorate officer and was a Councillor and Mayor of Darebin Council. He had previously worked for the Transport Corporation, and as a School Teacher.

Nazih believes that everyone should be treated decently and with respect, and that multiculturalism should be celebrated in all policy decisions. This is what prompted him to run for Parliament.

The priorities Nazih has for his community are to ensure safety and good health, and to foster a sense of community spirit. He wants to ensure that every person has the rights and privileges that Australians are entitled to.

Nazih’s vision for Victoria’s future is that all people are treated fairly and are given opportunity. He wants Victoria to have strong education and health outcomes, with policies to support workers and families, as well as the disabled and ageing members of our community.

The areas of public policy that he is most passionate about are education, prevention of family violence, multiculturalism and health.

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  • President of the Legislative Council since June 2020

  • Deputy President of the Legislative Council July 2018 - December 2018

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