The Hon. Steve Dimopoulos

Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events Minister for Creative Industries
Steve Dimopoulos

Meet Steve

Before entering Parliament, Steve ran a local café, worked with refugees and migrant communities in the courts, and worked for a federal politician. He also served as a councillor and Mayor of the City of Monash.

Steve believes that governments can help people create better lives for themselves. This is what prompted him to run for Parliament.

The priorities Steve has for his community are to help create excellent public institutions and services from schools to transport to health care. He believes that these services are vital to address the sharpest end of disadvantage and ensure that everyone has the best chance for a good life.

Steve’s vision for Victoria’s future is that it is a place in which businesses can be successful, where there is more economic activity, employment and wealth for his community. Steve says that governments have the power to create better public infrastructure, policy stability and incentives for business to grow and prosper.

The areas of public policy that he is most passionate about are justice, mental health, a sustainable environment and the economy.

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  • Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events since June 2022

  • Minister for Creative Industries since June 2022


  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer December 2018 - June 2020

  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier June 2020 - June 2022

  • Parliamentary Secretary for Mental Health December 2020 - June 2022

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