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Tania Maxwell

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Before entering Parliament, Tania worked for a not-for-profit homelessness organisation. She has also worked on the mines of Western Australia, as a nanny, and owning and operating a small business, importing genuine Native American jewellery and artefacts.

In 2009, while Tania was living in Wangaratta, two murders devastated the community. In response, Tania became an advocate for changes to the Victorian justice system. Through meeting other advocates, including Derryn Hinch, she was prompted to run for Parliament.

The priorities Tania has for her community are to advocate for victims of crime to ensure policy and legislation reflects their needs. Tania also wants to be an advocate for Northern Victoria, listening to her constituents and communicating their concerns to the government to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Tania’s vision for Victoria’s future is that it is a state which ensures growth in all sectors in a way which is balanced and financially responsible. She wants to see Victoria recover from the impact of COVID in a way which increases community confidence and collaboration. Tania also wants Victoria to be a place where the rights of victims are prioritised and the justice system reflects positive supported outcomes.

The areas of public policy that she is most passionate about are justice, education, health, mental health, early intervention and primary prevention. Tania is also passionate about early intervention and prevention of crime, which she says includes advocating for inclusivity and support for low socio-economic and vulnerable communities

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