Dr Tien Kieu

South-Eastern Metropolitan Legislative Council Australian Labor Party
Tien Kieu

Meet Tien

Before entering Parliament, Tien was a researcher in quantum physics, including fundamentals and quantum computing. He is still an adjunct professor at Swinburne University in the area of theoretical physics and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics.

Tien was prompted to run for Parliament to contribute to public life and shape policies by using his life experience as a refugee and his strong background in science and mathematics.

The priorities Tien has for his community are employment and job security, better housing and transport. He believes in education with a focus on high participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for all genders.

Tien’s vision for Victoria’s future is as a place that is prosperous and world-leading in science, technology and innovation. He wants us to face and meet the rising challenges of the world including cyber security, bio security, and to be able to protect our technological sovereignty.

The areas of public policy that he is most passionate about are STEM education, multicultural affairs, and refugees and asylum seeker issues.

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