Debunking election myths

20 October 2022 Victorian State Election 2022 web page

Watch VEC Deputy Commissioner Dana Fleming outline key dates and new rules on political donations ahead of the state election.

Victoria goes to the polls on Saturday 26 November and it’s important voters have the facts.

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) is the main source of information related to the state election.

Deputy Commissioner Dana Fleming says the VEC has taken active steps to try and combat a growth in deception.

‘There's been a big rise in the spread of misinformation and disinformation.'

Dana Fleming, Victorian Electoral Commission

‘That's not just Australia, that's globally and all electoral management bodies are grappling with that.’

The VEC is sorting fact from fiction with a video campaign and list of ways to check the veracity of information.

It’s also created a misinformation register which debunks some common false claims with facts.


Election timeline.png


The 2022 state election will be the first since new rules around the disclosure of political donations came into force.

If a gift or donation, including money, property or services of more than $1080 is made or received, it must be declared within 21 days on the VEC disclosures portal. 

Victorians are also reminded any campaign materials must include the name and address of the individual authorising them. This applies to everyone, not just political parties and their candidates.

For further information you can go to this state election webpage created by the parliament.