Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Members statements

Learn Local providers

Learn Local providers

Mr MELHEM (Western Metropolitan)

Incorporated pursuant to order of Council of 7 September 2021:

Last week, I visited two of Melbourne’s amazing Learn Local providers: Bubup Wilam Aboriginal Child and Family Centre and Olympic Adult Education.

Bubup Wilam provide an array of services to their local community. It was great to take a tour through the childcare centre and meet some of its dedicated educators.

They work to strengthen children’s understanding of their Indigenous heritage and instil a sense of pride in their identity.

The centre delivers preaccredited ACFE courses in early childhood education and understanding Aboriginal perspectives.

By delivering these courses, Bubup Wilam is providing training to Indigenous Victorians, while also advancing the understanding of Indigenous practice and history in the community.

Olympic Adult Education provides a much broader selection of ACFE courses and its impact on the West Heidelberg community is huge.

Its courses provide learners with limited prior education a space to thrive, particularly learners from non-English-speaking backgrounds.

And they partner with local businesses to provide real-life work experience and pathways to meaningful employment for learners.

Every day, the staff at these Learn Locals are giving learners the skills they need for work, study, and life. That is why the Andrews Labor government will always support Victoria’s adult and community education sector and encourage lifelong learning for everyone.