Wednesday, 4 October 2023

Today in Parliament Legislative Assembly

Start of the sitting day (9.30 am)

The Speaker begins the day by reading the Lord's Prayer and making an Acknowledgement of Country. 

Formal business

The Assembly deals with administrative and housekeeping issues, including the introduction of bills, tabling petitions and reports, reading messages from the Council and Governor and giving notice of motions (proposals) for later debate.

Members' statements

Members make statements on any topic.

This debate lasts for 30 minutes.

Statements on parliamentary committee reports

Members make statements on any report by a parliamentary committee tabled in the Assembly in the current parliament.

This debate lasts for 30 minutes.

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Government business

Debates on matters which ministers have introduced to Parliament. These can include bills (proposed laws) and motions (other proposals).

Question time (2.00 pm)

Question time allows non-government members to ask questions, usually to ministers, about the Government's decisions and actions. These questions are called questions without notice, because ministers have not seen them beforehand. Question time happens every sitting day.

Ministers may also make ministers' statements during question time.

After all the questions and statements, members ask constituency questions. These are questions which relate to their own electorate. Ministers respond later in writing. 

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Government business (continued)

Debate on government bills and motions continues.

Grievance Debate (4.00 pm)

This debate lasts for two hours.

Every third sitting Wednesday members debate the question 'That grievances be noted'. The debate is wide ranging and members use the debate to raise concerns about individual constituents or other significant issues. 

Government business (continued)

Debate on government bills and motions continues.

Adjournment debate (7.00 pm)

At the end of the sitting day, the Speaker stops debate. Unless the members vote to continue the sitting, the adjournment debate will begin. Members can raise matters with ministers. The topics are wide ranging, but members must request ministers take action in areas of government responsibility. Ministers can respond after all matters have been raised or later, in writing.

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