Online incursions

The Speaker looks over the table in the Legislative Assembly, with the mace in the foreground.

Online incursions available via Webex

Up to 30 students per group.

‘How a law is made’ – Grades 5 and 6.

Learn how an idea can come become a new law (30 minutes)

‘Your Voice in Victoria’ – Grades 7 and 8.

Ways we can engage with Parliament and the making of laws (35 minutes)

‘Influencing Parliament’ – Grades 9 and 10.

Exploring some of the internal and external influences on the decision-making powers of Parliament (35 minutes)

‘Medically Supervised Injection Centres’ – VCE Legal Studies.

A case study on a Parliamentary committee leading to law reform (40 minutes)

Date and time

Online incursions are available Monday to Friday on non-sitting weeks at 9.00 am, 11.00 am and 1.00 pm.

On weeks when Parliament is sitting, we offer sessions on Monday and Friday at the following times: 9.00 am, 10.00 am, 11.00 am, 12 noon, 1.00, 2.00 pm.

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