Sign a petition

By signing a petition, you tell Parliament that you want action on an issue. 

Who can sign a petition?

Any resident of Victoria can sign a petition. This includes people under the age of 18.

Signing a paper petition

Your signature must be original and handwritten. Photocopies and scanned signatures are not allowed.

You must provide a residential address in Victoria.  

Signing an e-petition

E-petitions can only be addressed to the Legislative Council. Find the e-petition you wish to sign at the link below. 

Find a Council e-petition


To join the petition: 

  1. Type your full name into the box provided.
  2. Click on the box for ‘residential address’. A pop-up will appear on your screen requesting to view/track your physical location. Select ‘Allow’ to proceed.
  3. Type your full residential address. Start with your street number, then street name, suburb and state. Select your correct address from the drop down box that appears. You must use your residential address when signing an e-petition. PO Box numbers are not accepted. 
  4. Read the terms and conditions and privacy statement provided, and click the checkboxes to agree.
  5. Click ‘Join e-petition’. Robot detection will launch, and you will be required to identify images based on a theme. Follow the instructions to complete.
  6. You have now successfully joined the e-petition. 

We encourage you to tell others about the e-petition by sharing the link through social media and email.