Hansard is available from 1991 onwards.


Hansard is the official report of the Victorian Parliament. It’s a written record of every contribution made by Victorian MPs on the floor of the Parliament – published progressively throughout every sitting day, easy to search and free to view and download.



You can find an MP’s speech online within 3 hours. The complete day is ready to view 4 hours after the sitting day has finished (this proof version may be subject to minor corrections), and a final version of Hansard is available 5 working days later.


Editorial policy

Have you ever wondered if Hansard is verbatim (word for word)? Hansard editorial policy allows for grammatical mistakes and obvious factual errors to be corrected, and some parliamentary formalities are shown in summarised form. And if a member who is speaking doesn’t respond to an interjection, that interjection won’t make it into Hansard. In all other ways, Hansard is comprehensive record of the debates that shape legislation and the speeches that inform policy‑making in Victoria.