Mr Dustin Halse

Dustin Halse

Meet Dustin

Before entering Parliament, Dustin worked in a variety of jobs from retail positions to national policy advisor and union organiser. He holds a PhD in political history from Swinburne University.

Dustin was prompted to run for Parliament because he has a strong desire to give his local community an active voice within the Victorian Parliament.

The priorities Dustin has for his community are to secure upgrades to local schools, community health services and public transport. He also wants to see increased investment in community centres and sports facilities to promote inclusion and female participation.

Dustin's vision for Victoria’s future is as a fairer and more sustainable society. He hopes that it is a place where all people are actively afforded an opportunity to succeed, contribute and participate in our community.

The areas of public policy that he is most passionate about include housing affordability and access, sustainability and renewable energy, health and mental health, industrial relations, youth justice, community sports and arts, higher education, LGBTIQ rights, and transport infrastructure.

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