Mr Mark Gepp

Mark Gepp

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Prior to entering Parliament, Mark’s primary work has been as an advocate and representative for working people through his various roles in the Community & Public Sector Union and the Finance Sector Union over 30 years. His experience also extends to his work in the Australian Taxation Office, as a Senior Advisor to the State Government and as a Trustee Director for the superannuation fund AGEST.

Equality, workers’ rights and improved liveability standards are the issues that drove Mark during his pre parliamentary career and they remain his focus today.

Good schools and education opportunities, quality healthcare, affordable and available housing, proper pay and conditions, rights of and for indigenous people as well as decent secure jobs are the key policy areas that Mark believes will lead to a more equal society. As someone who spent most of his pre-adult life in public housing, Mark understands how critical these areas of government policy are.

Mark’s vision for Victoria is one where every person’s contribution is valued and matters. He also believes that the global pandemic is the perfect opportunity for all governments, local, state and federal, to tackle once and for all the challenges presented by climate change.

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