Conducting Public Hearings

What is the inquiry about?

This inquiry will look at the conduct of the 2022 Victorian election. The Committee will consider people's views on how the election was conducted and suggest how things could be improved. Issues to be examined will include enrolling, being a candidate and voting.

Have your say

The Committee is interested in hearing about your experiences at the 2022 Victorian state election and your views on how the election was conducted. The Committee would also like to know about any changes that you believe would improve future elections.

You can make a written submission to the Committee discussing any matter related to the 2022 Victorian election, including:

  • voters’ experience enrolling and casting their votes
  • the behaviour of parties, candidates and campaigners during the election period
  • the way the Victorian Electoral Commission managed the election
  • candidates’ and parties’ experience standing for election
  • possible improvements to Victoria’s electoral system, including changes to the Upper House voting system
  • any other matters related to the conduct of the election.

The inquiry will consider the 2022 Victorian State election and the 2023 Narracan District supplementary election.

Follow the inquiry

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On 9 March 2023, the Legislative Assembly agreed to the following motion:

That this House refers an inquiry into the conduct of the 2022 Victorian state election to the Electoral Matters Committee for consideration and report no later than 1 May 2024.